Electrostatic Disinfection


Trinity offers comprehensive disinfection services, including our most popular service ELECTROSTATIC DISINFECTING
*We use a botanical based disinfectant that is safe around humans and pets, can be applied with a fine mist to any surface
*Rated 99.99% effective in killing a variety of bacteria and viruses, including the Human Coronavirus
*A true “one touch” application process, which reduces contamination. We use an electrostatic sprayer that produces an electrically charged fine mist of our safe & biodegradable disinfectant
*Safe on all fabrics and surfaces, even food prep areas – no wiping, no rinsing, no staining or residue left behind
*The ions are charged through the process so the disinfectant attaches to surface areas completely, much more effective than a traditional spray and wipe process with spray bottle cleaners
*Our products dry to the touch on their own in less than 15 minutes
*Our disinfectants kill odor causing bacteria, keeping your environments smelling fresh & clean
*We use this product in sensitive environments where safety is top priority such as schools, churches, restaurants, gyms, community centers, medical settings, homes – anywhere people gather – disinfecting every possible touch point to effectively quell the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses

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